A crash cost Dave Versluis seventh position in the EMX2 final in Lierop

Dave Versluis from Assendelft came close of scoring a seventh position in the EMX2 round in Lierop last Sunday but a crash cost him a lot of positions. It took him some time to restart his bike and finally he finished the race in sixteenth position.

The weekend started off not that well for Dave on Saturday. In time practice he struggled to find his rhythm and set the thirtieth fastest time. In the qualifying heat things were going a lot better for Dave. Despite the fact that he didnít took a good start he managed to pass a lot of riders in the first corner and started the race around tenth position. In the first few laps he worked himself up into eight position. Things were going fine for Dave but he got passed and dropped back to ninth position. In the rest of the race a rider in front of Dave crashed so he won a position back and finished the race in eight position.

On Sunday the track was really muddy due to the overnight rain. Because there was a lot of water on the track, Dave decided to sit out the warm up. In the final he took a decent start and came out of the first corner around fourteenth position. In the first lap he managed to pass several riders and came out of the lap in eight position. Dave was riding a consistent pace and during the race he worked himself up into sixth position. With still three laps to go he lost a position but he kept the sixth place rider in his sights and started to put the pressure on him in the final lap. Unfortunately he made a crash and because it took him a lot of time to get his bike restarted he finished the race in sixteenth position.

This weekend Dave will participate in the ADAC Youngster Cup Series in Jauer.

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